Today we create this new project and launched as main objective to show that we can create a company that develops Videogames in a professional way from the place we live ; and sincerely we hope to motive young people of our city to develop themselves in this new industry and see what we can do. .

How this idea born?.... In a silly and funny way as everything in life; studying a little how to develop a game that works in any platform and which controls a car that runs dirt roads dodging wells ; water pipes ; all this deducted time of a timer ; also if you hit a check that automatically add time ; in updated versions we replace checks for cans of gasoline .Ja!

Our actual team is formed for Victor ADM y RRPP; Helena in Arts; Elios in Drawing ; Romina interpreter and translations and Kelo in Programming .

Our website is developed in two languages ; English and Spanish and we hope to translate in Chinese Mandarin but we can’ t find a translator:)

We are looking for you if you know how to draw ; doesn’ t matter the kind of illustrations you like doing; if you have passion ; be consistence and want to be part of this great team we invite you to send your drawings to

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Gdor. Virasoro Corrientes, Ar
Skype littlegreatstudio
Movil +54 3756 610566